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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung


June-September 1958

Atom Bombs. June 1958

Let us work on atom bombs and nuclear bombs. Ten years, I think, should be quite enough.


At the University of Tientsin. August 13, 1958

In future, schools should have factories and factories schools.

Teachers should do manual work. It will not do to move only their lips and not their hands.

Colleges should grasp three things: party committee leadership, mass line, and the co-ordination of education and production.


At the University of Wuhan. September 12, 1958.

It is a good thing that the students themselves spontaneously ask for part-time study and part-time work; this is a logical result of the campaign to build workshops at schools. More permissions should be given to this kind of request and also active encouragement and support. In school reform, notice must be paid to the development of the activism of the broad teaching staff and students and to the gathering together of the wisdom of the masses.


At the Hupei Iron and Steel Works. September, 1958.

Large-scale enterprises like the Wuhan Iron and Steel Works should be gradually built up as industrial complexes. In addition to a wide range of iron and steel products, machinery, chemical products, and building materials may be attempted.

. . . In such a large-scale industrial complex, there must also be some affiliated agriculture, commerce, education, and military service.

Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung