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Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung

No Power on Earth Can Separate Us


November 2, 1957

[Extracted from Mao's speech at the Moscow airport, 2 November, 1957. (Mao Chu-hsi tsai Su-lien-gi yen-lun,pp.1-2).]

Dear Comrades Khrushchov, Voroshilov, and Bulganin:

Dear Comrades and Friends:

The anniversary of the October Revolution is a great festival of victory for the Soviet People and for the proletariat, the laboring masses, and all oppressed peoples of the world. The victory won by the Soviet people under the leadership of the great Lenin and the great Communist Party of the Soviet Union forty years ago initiated a new epoch in human history. In the process of forty years of construction, the Soviet Union has made brilliant achievements at an extraordinary speed and in many fields has advanced to the forefront of the countries of the world, thus setting an outstanding example for the peoples who are striving for progress and happiness. The launching of the first man-made earth satellite by the Soviet Union is no simple feat. It Marks the beginning of a new era of man's further conquest of nature.

The socialist camp headed by the Soviet Union is a strong bulwark ensuring world peace and a faithful friend to all peoples who refuse to suffer imperialist oppression and enslavement...

The October Revolution enabled the Chinese people to find the way to emancipation, prosperity, wealth, and power [fu ch'iang]. In their own cause, the Chinese people have received tremendous sympathy and generous assistance from the people of the Soviet Union. The Peoples of our two countries have already formed fraternal alliance in their common struggles and there no is force on earth which can separate us.

Comrades, we will stand together forever, fighting for world peace and for the victory of our common cause!


Glory To The Great October Socialist Revolution!

Glory To The Great Soviet People And To The Great Communist Party Of The Soviet Union!

Long Live The Great Friendship Between The Chinese And Soviet Peoples!

Long Live World Peace!

Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung