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Comrade Lin Piao,

I entirely agree with your letter. One further point -- of the three courses, 'cultural' education (cultivating the ability to read, reading books and newspapers, and writing) is the most important, the basic component. According to what you and your colleagues say, equal emphasis will be given to theory and practice, and 'cultural' tools are a part of the 'practice' which links up theory with practice. 'Cultural' tools can and should be used to link up the two. If the student, having learnt other things, can neither read books nor write, his future development after leaving the school will be limited. If you agree with me, then I think in the next four months there should be more 'culture' classes (reading, writing and composition) in the second and third courses. My view is that these classes should be increased to a quarter or even one third of the total study hours (including home work) of a student. Please give your consideration to this problem. When the time comes for the periodic test, 'culture' will be an important criterion of judgement.


Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung